IIT-D’s welfare fund from fines keeps needy students in class

The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, has created a unique fund by raising money out of profits from a stationery shop and fines imposed on erring students, to help needy students.

When 19-year-old Eshwar Saini scored low because of keeping unwell and his scholarship was stopped for the semester, he had little hope of continuing studies. But IIT-D’s Board for Student Welfare (BSW) helped him pay his fees by giving him ` 22,000. Saini’s father is a farmer in a village at Bundi in Rajasthan and earns about Rs 50,000 a year.

Undergraduate students are given up to Rs 25, 000 twice while postgraduate students are given the amount once during their entire course. Siddarth Jain, general secretary BSW, said, “We do look into the application and check if the student deserves it or not,” he said.

The money to provide financial aid to these students is generated from a stationery shop which is run inside the campus. “The profit made by the shop is collected as funds. We also collect money through fines imposed on students who break rules like bringing bikes inside the campus. We collect around Rs 3-4 lakh throughout the year,” SK Gupta, dean students’ affair, said.



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