Knew of LeT’s objective before first visit to India: David Headley

I was a true follower of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and knew of the group’s intention even before (my) first visit to India, David Headley, who is wanted by India for his role in the Mumbai terror attacks of November 2008, reportedly told a special court Monday.

Headley, who is currently in the custody of the United States, agreed to turn approver for the Indian government in exchange for leniency.

A key witness to the criminal conspiracy that led to the killings of hundreds of people during the terror attack, Headley said he changed his name (from Daood Gilani to David Headley) so he could freely enter India with an American name, and that he visited Pakistan within a few weeks of changing his name.

He also identified his LeT handler as one Sajid Mir who, he said, was aware of his name change and wanted Headley to set up some business or office in India. “Sajid Mir (LeT) asked me to take general video of Mumbai city, Headley told the court,” Headley reportedly told the court. .
-More at BusinessStandard



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