Latin America’s solar energy potential being tapped

Latin America’s solar energy potential has drawn world attention and will be fully tapped as global solar companies start to invest in a host of regional countries.

Leading European solar corporations, such as Ecosolar and Solarcentury, are currently developing their businesses in Panama, after the continent’s solar energy issue was discussed during the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in last December.

Ecosolar and Solarcentury have jointly developed a 10 beiMW solar project, called Divisa Solar, in Panama’s Cocle province and unveiled it earlier this week.

Panama’s solar industry is far from being developed. Its Ministry of Energy said solar accounts for less than 1 percent of the country’s energy matrix, hydroelectricity 52 percent, and wind 5 percent.

Enrique de Ramon, Ecosolar’s business director, believes bigger programs than Divisa Solar will be built in Panama in the future.

The country has excellent conditions for solar energy development, as its peak hours of energy demand coincide with the period of strong solar irradiation, said de Ramon.

Additionally, Panama has attractive economic policies and legal regulations which support the development of solar projects, he added.

-More at Xinhua


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