Malware Museum: computer viruses as animations, taunts and art


They may have crippled computers and cost billions, but the computer viruses unleashed in the 1980s and 1990s could be provocative works of art, too. Rather than the silent-but-deadly viral attacks of today, the attention-seeking malware of yesteryear featured animations, taunts and even games that would flash up on your computer screen as the virus took hold.

Computer historian Jason Scott, who has also created a museum of bulletin board messages, has now put a selection of the viruses (rendered harmless) online in the Malware Museum.

a virus from the Malware Museum

Many of these come from the personal archives of Mikko Hypponen, the long-serving chief research scientist at antivirus company F-Secure. The viruses often reflect the adolescent character of their creators, from the trippy, with its rainbow plasma effects, to the marijuana leaf and “legalise cannabis” message of

-More at TheGuardian



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