No successor to presidency plunges Haiti into political uncertainty

Haitian President Michel Martelly Sunday concluded his tenure with no immediate successor in sight, thrusting the country into political uncertainty.

However, a political pact reached on the eve of his exit has served to mitigate, at least for now, the adverse impact of a power vacuum.

The agreement signed Saturday at the National Palace between Martelly and the presidents of both houses of the parliament, Senator Jocelerme Privert and Deputy Cholzer Chancy, aimed to ensure “institutional continuity … in the absence of an elected president,” daily newspaper Haiti Libre reported.

The agreement also called for the continuation of the electoral process that began in 2015 but was postponed by the electoral institution.

The pact was welcomed by the office of the United Nations Secretary General, which said the agreement was “a crucial step in the search for a solution to the political challenges facing Haiti.”

-More at Xinhua


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