North Korean behaviour slap in the face for China: U.S.

With no agreement between U.S and China in sight on a proposed UN resolution, new sanctions against North Korea that tested a nuclear device a month ago and launched a satellite last week in violation of existing international restrictions, could take longer. “There hasn’t been a set of measures agreed to yet,” U.S State Department Spokesperson John Kirby said even as U.S and Chinese diplomats continue their negotiations in the UN.

U.S and China have been engaged at multiple levels over the last month over the issue, but the latest North Korean act of escalation has driven a wedge between the two countries. A day after China protested the U.S-South Korea joint move to revive talks on the long-pending missile defence system THAAD, or Terminal High-Altitude Air Defence, in response to the satellite launch, the U.S said the North Korean behaviour was “a slap in the face right at Beijing.” The U.S. is evidently cut up with the Chinese response to North Korea and views it inadequate and perfunctory.

-More at TheHindu

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