Constitutional court hears impeachment case against Jacob Zuma, judgment reserved

The South African Constitutional court heard a case of impeachment against the President Jacob Zuma, on Tuesday at Johannesburg.

The bench of 11 judges was hearing the case on Zuma based on the report from South Africa’s anti-graft authority in which he has been accused of breaking the law by misusing the state funds of about 250 million rand that was spent on his private homestead at Nkandla.

They are hoping that a case in the constitutional court will put pressure on Zuma and the ruling African National Congress (ANC) ahead of municipal elections this year and help them win control of some cities, including the capital Pretoria, reported Reuters.

The chant “Pay back the money” ‘echoed outside the court as thousand of the opposition party supporters demonstrated against the use of the state fund for the personal benefits by the president.

Zuma agreed to pay back some part of the money on February 3.

In wake of the economic slowdown the opposition has flaked Zuma’s leadership in a hope to remove him from power.

-More at IndiaToday


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