Rome: Six out of 10 Italian couples plan to dine out on Valentine’s Day, according to a recent survey.
A separate poll found that one in three couples wished they had more love rather than sex.
In the first survey, conducted by TripAdvisor restaurant booking website The Fork – a global network of 33,000 restaurants with more than eight million users a month – 62% of couples said they plan to enjoy Valentine’s Day at a restaurant.
In terms of what makes that special restaurant romantic, 66% said lighting and 29% said the right company.
The Fork said February 14 restaurant reservations thus far have been made mostly by men under 35. Of those couples forgoing dinner out, 21% said they’ll spend a romantic evening at home and 17% are planning a weekend away.
Of these, 63% said they’d opt for a weekend at the spa together and 44% said such a weekend could help solve communication problems. Another 35% hoped it would spark desire, 22% said it could help them solve problems more constructively, and 18% said it could help reaffirm the ability to surprise their partner.
Meanwhile, a survey of 350 Italian couples by website In A Bottle revealed that 32% would prefer more love rather than more sex in their relationship. Four out of 10 couples said they fight over insignificant things or that they aren’t as close as they once were.
Psychologist Michele Cucchi said that renewing the “small details that a great love is made of” on a daily basis is often more difficult than expected. “Being together in an environment like a spa is ideal, in part because it brings attention to the physical aspect, which heightens sensuality and the desire to appreciate each other through the body,” Cucchi said.
“In addition, the heat, the humidity, and the scents of these environments enhance sensations that favor seduction,” he said.

-more at ANSA


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