Hundreds of Students take pledge to fight for Kadapa steel plant




Hundreds of students from  a local engineering college on Saturday took pledge to participate in the ‘Kadapa Vukku-Rayalaseema Hakku’ movement. The students  unequivocally said they would participate in every program organized by the Steel Plant Sadhanaa Samiti (SPSS).

The SPSS has been  set up by  the students, youth, writers and other intellectuals from Rayalaseema to put pressure on state and central governments for  the establishment the steel plant in Kadapa district as promised in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act-2014.

Centre promised steel plant in Kadapa district under public sector to enable the backward region overcome the  negative impact of  bifurcation of the state. The students and youth  are growing restive in the region as there has been no move whatsoever to start the plant even 2 years after the passage of the bill and  22 months after the formalization of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.


The SPSS president G Praveen Kumar Reddy addressed the gathering and called upon the student community of region to raise their voice against the delay in the setting up the plant. ” The more the delay, the more will be injustice to the region” he warned.

Praveen  Kumar Reddy said the steel plant would put an end to the decades-long backwardness by heralding a new phase of development for the region. ” Steel plant is the only way we get employment aplenty in the region. Everybody , from the illiterate manual laborers to graduates get employment opportunities.  Steel factory will stimulate industrialization and urbanization in the region. This will  improve education, health, road  and rail communication, business etc. The region will see overall growth. Our youth need not go to the far off capitals in search of jobs, if the steel plant become reality,”  he said narrating the success stories of Jamshedpur, Bhilai, Bokaro etc.


Praveen Reddy cautioned the students that,” if we lose the steel plant, we lose everything and will have to remain a backward people forever.”  Praveen revealed  the SPSS would organize this type programs in every degree and engineering college and university in the region to create awareness among the students about  implementation of the provision related to the steel plan AP Reorganization Act-2014



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