The neuroscience of why introverts might think too much

The Introvert’s Brain

Science has shown that the brain is wired differently for introverts and extroverts.

German psychologist Hans Eysenck found that introverts have naturally high cortical arousal and may process more information per second. PET scans have also showed that introverts had more blood flowing in their frontal lobes and anterior thalamus, regions of the brain that recall events, make plans and solve problems.

Also introverts process stimuli differently.

When information from the outside world enters an extrovert’s brain, it travels a shorter pathway, But with an introvert, the pathway is much longer. No wonder introverts tend to ‘overthink’.

This also means that introverts process information more deeply.

There are benefits to this, however, sometimes it helps to just be in the moment.

To be in the moment, practice mindfulness. Focus on what’s in front of you and appreciate the little things!I’ve related 2 ideas below on a technique for meditating and mindfulness.

-more at Ideapod


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