Pakistan Kids Made Beautiful Cards for Their Friends in India- With Some Heartwarming Messages


“Pens not guns. Words not bullets.” – This is the motto of ‘Kids Beyond Borders’, an initiative taken by social online radio NRI Samay, to bring together children from India and Pakistan.

NRI Samay is a social community radio based in Los Angeles. It brings forward the unheard stories and voices from India, to ensure that Indians residing outside the country get a sense of positive things happening back home..

Kids Beyond Borders’ was started by a Suresh Ediga, an NRI living in New York, after a terrorist attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar. He started this social media campaign with the slogan – “Education should not be an act of bravery. Kids should not be an act of revenge,” asking Indians below the age of 20 years to create any art in support of the school students in Peshawar.

Recently, NRISamay received some heartwarming letters and New Year cards from children in Pakistan, for their friends in India. Have a look:



more at The Better India


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