Why so many of us are unhappy

The Number One Cause of Suffering According to Buddhism

So many of us are unhappy, “desiring” a better life. But the truth is, ‘desiring’ is what causes unhappiness.

According to Buddhism, we suffer because we are projecting the myth of permanence upon a situation that is actually conditioned, selfless, and constantly changing. Everything is interrelated and interdependent. There is nothing substantial and separate that we can lean upon. Samsara, “the cycle of suffering,” is a direct result of our desire for permanence.

Whenever there is pain of any kind—the pain of aggression, grieving, loss, irritation, resentment, jealousy, indigestion, physical pain—if you really look into that, you can find out that behind the pain there is always something we are attached to. There is always something we’re holding on to.

The first thing the Buddha ever taught was the truth that suffering comes from attachment.

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