Australia’s first ever bar that serves only water

Some of the choices at the H2O water bar. Photo: Nikki To

ON FIRST appearances, it looks like your typical edgy inner city bar. Housed in an old industrial space, projections light up dimly lit corners as white clad waiters weave through the crowd.

However, there’s one big difference, this bar serves only one drop. It’s not beer, it’s not wine — it’s water. The menu includes groundwater, rain water, even the odd bit of dam water, but, when push comes to shove, it’s just water. got a special sneak peek into the H20 Bar, very probably Australia’s first ever pub that serves only water. Set deep within the bowels of Paddington Reservoir Gardens, which used to quench the thirst of Sydneysiders, leaning against one wall is a map of eastern Australia. Shorn of cities or borders all it shows is the veiny network of rivers carrying this continent’s share of the less than one per cent of the world’s water that it’s possible to drink.

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