How Muslims are using social media to shame European cops


Outraged by what they call a surge in racial profiling following the November terror attacks in Paris, Muslims in Europe are striking back on social media. They are publicly shaming the police officers allegedly using racial profiling techniques for stop and searches, posting detailed exchanges with said officers, and sharing photographic evidence of the damage done after what they describe as wrongful raids.

French journalist Driss Abdi took to Twitter to denounce what he called racial profiling at Munich Airport. “Racial profiling in Germany? Only one stopped exiting the plane, I guess I’m a bit too brown #racism #police,” he tweeted, alongside a photograph of a female police officer who appeared to be checking his data at the airport.

Yassine Belattar published this Facebook post: “I haven’t felt 15 years old in ages……We all want security but we do not want security everywhere in our lives. I was stopped and searched by the effects, not by the causes. I will never accept racial profiling and I cannot accept these fake speeches. #Everyoneonedge.”

-More at WashingtonPost


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