Country’s largest flag comes home for a stitch in time

The Centre’s proposal to hoist the Indian tricolour atop every university campus in the wake of the JNU agitation, has evoked curiosity. Reports suggest that enormous flags spanning 48×72 feet may be installed on 206 ft tall poles.

Two days ago, the largest flag in the country measuring 66×99 ft returned home to Mumbai from Ranchi for repair. It was installed atop Pahadi Mandir by defence minister Manohar Parrikar on January 23. Apart from being a historic temple of Lord Shiva, Pahadi Mandir is a site where the British government would hang India’s freedom fighters.

The flag may have torn during the mechanical installation. Its manufacturer Gyan Shah of the Mahalaxmi-based Flag Shop says that hoisting and maintaining large flags is a herculean task. “The Ranchi tricolour weighs 65kg. It is seven storeys tall and ten storeys in span. It could well cover half a football stadium,” he said with a laugh.

-More at TOI


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