Ghana gets first female Brigadier General

Brig Gen Constance Ama Emefa Edjeani Afenu

There is a morale booster for women in the Ghana Armed Forces as the institution now boasts of its first female Brigadier General in the person of Constance Ama Emefa Edjeani-Afenu.

She is currently the Deputy Military Advisor to Ghana’s Permanent Mission in New York, the military command in Ghana has confirmed to

Some female officers have taken to social media to celebrate her feat, hoping it will lead to the West African nation recording its first female Major General in the future.

The Ghana Armed Forces was founded in 1957 and has three main offshoots – the Navy, Air Force and Army besides the President’s own guard regiment.

The president is the Commander-in-Chief.

The supervision of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) is managed by the Minister of Defence and the Chief of Defence Staff.

-more at Ghanaweb

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