5,803 foreign trainees fled from Japanese jobs in 2015

The number of foreign technical intern trainees who fled from workplaces last year reached the highest level ever at 5,803, greatly surpassing the previous year’s figure, according to a Justice Ministry survey.

The government believes that poor working conditions have resulted in the incidents in many cases. To counter this situation, the government plans to take legislative action to strengthen supervision in corporations and organizations that take on foreign trainees, aiming to stop an increase in the number of runaways.

The purpose of the foreign technical intern trainee system is for young foreign nationals to acquire the latest work skills in Japan and then use these skills in their home countries to aid economic development.

At the end of June last year, about 180,000 trainees were participating in the scheme.

The number of foreign trainees who fled in 2012 was 2,005. The number rose to 3,566 in 2013, and to 4,847 in 2014. In recent years, the number has risen annually by about a thousand.

-more at Japan News


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