Madiga’s Viswarupa Yatra to start from Naidu’s village

Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti(MRPS) leader Krishna Madiga announced Viswaroopa yatra from the Chief Minister’s native village, Naravaripalli, on March 10 to press the State government on its long-pending demand of categorisation of Scheduled Castes.

The yatra is being launched at Naravaripalle because in April 1997 when he started a padayatra from the village,  Naidiu’s mother had assured him that she would ask her son to concede the demand, the MRPS leader has recalled.

The padayatra is scheduled to cover 175 Assembly segments and conclude with a Viswrupa Maha Garjana in Vijayawada on April 30 in which 10 lakh Madigas and people from other sections for whose welfare the MRPS was fighting.The MRPS leader recalled that Mr. Naidu failed to implement the promise he had made 20 years ago at a public meeting organised by the MRPS and at different times later.

– from the The Hindu


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