Rival protests in Venezuela amid economic crisis

Opposition campaigns to oust President Nicolas Maduro while pro-government socialist group decries US “imperialism”.

Thousands attended both the opposition's rally and the ruling Socialists' "anti-Imperialist" march in Venezuela [EPA]

Rival protests were staged in Venezuela, with the opposition campaigning to oust President Nicolas Maduro while a pro-government group demonstrated against new US sanctions on various Venezuelan officials.

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On Saturday, thousands attended both the opposition’s rally and the ruling Socialists’ “anti-Imperialist” march.Though many on both sides took to the streets of Caracas, neither march recalled the passionate rallies of recent years, with many Venezuelans exhausted by an economic and social crisis that seems to be worsening.The opposition alliance is pursuing a multi-pronged strategy to oust Maduro via protests, a recall referendum or a constitutional amendment to cut his term. They hope to capitalise on anger over a deep recession, triple-digit inflation and rampant insecurity.

-more at Aljazeera


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