Snake alert in Hyderabad’s KBR Park

A warning sign that is placed in KBR park.

Hyderabad: Officials of the KBR National Park have begun erecting signboards at various points alerting people about presence of snakes.Information has been provided on who to contact in case there is any untoward incident. Cobra and Russell’s Viper are commonly found in the park. Kraits have also been sighted.

K. Mohan, Divisional Forest Officer, KBR National Park, said, “I decided to erect the signboards to ensure that people are aware as the park is home to hundreds of venomous snakes. It is better if people come for a walk after 5.30 or 6 am. If they come before that time, they must wear shoes and the legs must be properly covered. If someone comes across a snake while walking, they must stay still till the snake crawls away or they can call the emergency number 9505962349.” There is no reason for panic.

G. Ramachandra Reddy, President of the Nature Park Walkers Association, says, “It is a good move by the forest department because walkers will be aware but there is nothing to fear. I have beekn coming to the park since 25 years and have never encountered a poisonous snake. Snakes are a shy species and they will not usually venture out on the walkway once they know that people have started coming.”

-from The Deccan Chronicle


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