Pakistani court lifts travel ban on Pervez Musharraf

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the government to lift a travel ban on former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, paving the way for him to leave the country while awaiting trial for treason and other charges.

The departure of Musharraf, who has faced a battery of court cases since returning home from self-imposed exile in 2013, would remove a source of friction between the powerful army and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Then army chief Musharraf overthrew Sharif in a 1999 coup and ruled Pakistan until 2008 when he stepped down in the face of widespread opposition to his rule.

Current military rulers are known to have disapproved of the legal action against their old boss, which stems from his suspension of the constitution and imposition of emergency rule in 2007, when he was trying to extend his hold on power.

Sharif’s government had long declined to let Musharraf leave the country, saying it was a decision for the courts.

-More at BusinessLine


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