A 40.7 per cent of young Malaysians admit to being racists :Survey

PETALING JAYA: A worrying 40.7 per cent of young Malaysians admit to being racists or have shades of racism, an independent survey has found.

A Centre for Better Tomorrow (Cenbet) survey of 1,056 respondents in the peninsula showed that 54.6 per cent of those aged between 18 and 25 said they were not racists.

The study also showed that while the majority of Malaysians said they were against racism, their opinions on various aspects of life revealed their racist tendencies.

About 30 per cent of respondents who do not regard themselves as racists betrayed their prejudices when admitting that they would not vote for a candidate from a different race.

This group also felt that race-based policies were still relevant in the country.

The survey revealed that the majority of respondents who professed to be racists or had shades of racism were low-wage earners in the urban areas.

Most were in the RM1,000 (S$334) to RM4,999 income group.

The survey was done to understand the extent of racism and perceived racism among Malaysians.It was conducted by asking respondents a series of questions about their daily lives to determine their degree of racial tendencies.Cenbet, however noted that Malaysians on the whole were not racists.

According to the Cenbet Racism Index, the vast majority of Malaysians scored 59.1 per cent, which is categorised as “averagely or selectively racist”.Cenbet urged Malaysians to periodically reflect on their words and actions in all manners of communication, including over social media.

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