Danish Government plans to strip radical imams of citizenship

Those who preach ideas contrary to the Danish constitution could be stripped of their citizenship if proposals put forward by an anti-immigration party are adopted by the country’s government.

The right-wing Danish People’s Party (DPP) – which currently holds the second most seats in the country’s multi-party parliament – put forward the plans in an attempt to expel outspoken imam Abu Bilal Ismail, the Local says.

Follow-up legislation could potentially expand the limits of the Danish constitution to restrict religious freedom in extreme cases.

Martin Hendriksen, the DPP’s immigration spokesman, said: “The Constitution says that anyone can practice their faith so long as it is not contrary to morals, or disturbing to the public order,”Politiko reports.

He continued: “When imams endorse or recommend stoning, or when an imam tells a woman subjected to violence by her husband that that’s okay, then that constitutes, in my opinion, subversive speech that disturbs the public order.

“Some of these imams are Danish citizens, and we think we should deprive them of their citizenship.”

-More at Independent


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