Perfect mother Gerda shows her new female cub around her world

Photographers enchanted by ‘s maternal instinct as they capture these heartwarming pictures

Gerda and her daughter

Gerda gave birth in December to the new cub, and Novosibirsk Zoo has recently confirmed her baby is female. Now more than four months old, the little one spends more and more time outside, exploring her enclosure, but always under the watchful eye of her mother.

Novosibirsk photographer Olesya Filippova, said: ‘When I came to the cage I was disappointed, because they were in the den. But I decided to wait. The mother and baby came out only after two hours, when their lunch was brought.






Gerda and her cub

‘I was lucky, I got there just when mother and baby started to play. It is a pure pleasure to watch them, even a mope will smile. Sometimes I had to run around the enclosure to find the right spot for shooting. Time passed very quickly. I spent there more then an hour but it seemed that I’d just arrived.’

The two sets of pictures show the beauty of these wild animals. But Denis said: ‘Of course, it is better to see them with your own eyes. The photographs will never give you the same feeling.’

-More at Siberian Times


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