Video: Liana Klevtsova’s Naked protest against Siberia’s fur farms

Fur is a way of life in the cold climate, but in a hard-hitting and powerful film she likens the industry to mass wartime killing by fascists.

Liana Klevtsova


Irkutsk student and model Liana Klevtsova, 20, has made a name for herself with her ‘Naked Truth’ protests aboutrising prices and in support of truckers objecting to a new tax. Now in her most powerful stunt, she aims her fury at fur farmers and hunters in Siberia, which for centuries has been the centre of this trade in Russia, and worldwide.

Her video, posted on the web, mixes footage of ‘cruel’ killing of animals on fur farms with shots of her naked in the snow and locked in a cage, images she uses to demand an end to these ‘death camps’.

She does not speak a word on the 18+ film running for 2 minutes 36 seconds which includes graphic scenes, but explains her motives on her social media site.


‘We decided to talk about really important thing, something that concerns all humanity,’ said the engineering student. This is something that has nothing to do with the economy, politics, or the complexity of relationships between people. This time we want to talk about: what makes us human, about the soul and can we really say with confidence that we have it?

‘Against the background of technological progress, the development of space, creation of the Large Hadron Collider, exploitation of nuclear energy, some of our actions are comparable to the level of the Stone Age. We live side by side with our brothers and, for unknown reasons, have set ourselves above them… I’m talking about the world of animals.

-more at Siberian Times


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