Chandrababu Naidu suppressing Jr NTR: Roja

Hyderabad: YSRC MLA R.K. Roja made a serious charge against Andhra Pradesh chief minister  Chandrababu Naidu  Tuesday. She said Naidu was crushing  Junior NTR, the grandson of N T Ramarao, in movie wold and preventing him from being actively involve in politics.  Junior NTR, who inherited features and talent of  NT Ramarao, is seen by many as the real heir of the yester years’ great star of Tollywood.  She said Niadu was scared of his rise  as it  would have the potential of eclipsing his son  and TDP general secretary Lokesh Naidu in politics.

Roja addressed media after filing an appeal in Supreme Court against the High Court prder which set the stay  aside on her suspension from Assembly for one year.

The CM feared  Jr NTR might eclipse his son Lokesh, she said in New Delhi.

Junior NTR has huge following in Andhra Pradesh. His entry into TDP is likely to electrify the programs. So, his presence and the fan’s enthusiasm is bound to cause embarrassment to the leadership. Even though Naidu asked the young hero to campaign in 2009 elections, later for inexplicable reasons,  had been kept at bay.

Roja, once confidante of Naidu,  says “Naidu has been doing everything at his command to erase the memory of the great leader NTR. As part of the efforts, he is also trying to create problems for Junior NTR’s films. Theaters are being denied to his movies,” he said



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