AP assembly:Japan’s Maki ‘inspired’ by Le Corbusier’s design of Chandigarh?


Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu appears to be in a tearing hurry to create a semblance of capital at Amaravati in order to dispel the apprehension that the capital would not going to be a reality in near future . So, he appears to have adopted ‘celebration’ as ploy to cover up many of the set backs he is facing with regard to the capital Amaravati construction. Celebration of Bhumi Puja, Celebration of foundation stone laying ceremony, celebration of foundation stone for temporary secretariat building etc. Other celebrations include Godavari Pushkaralu, Sankranti Sambaralu etc.

Recent event is the celebration of building designs presented by the Maki & Associates of Japan submitted for the construction of the Assembly and High Court at the proposed capital Amaravati. After receiving the design and the beaming CM announced in his celebratory style that he had finalized Maki’s designs and described the day as historic date.

The designs of two iconic buildings , as somebody rightly put it, look like cooling towers of thermal plant. Even these two cooling tower -like towers also do not seem original at in their outward appearance. Finally it turned to be the modified versions of our own Chandigarh Assembly buildings. See the pictures. The great Maki & Associates seems to have rustled up a copy to please Andhras, especially the CM. Because of poor Andhras, everything foreign espeicially Japan or Singapore are superior. To present a copy of Chandigarh model, one need not conduct a global contest and appoint a a jury for the selection with eminent architects. Incidentally, none of the jury member ( what kind of jury is this ?), could not find out similarity between the Chandigarh building and Maki’s design. For this, our local architects, available aplenty round the corner, are enough. It is clear that Japanese company forged the siganature of celebrated architect of Chandigarh Le Corbusier.

The palace of Chandigarh Assembly building is adjudged as one of the greatest modern structures raised in India. Chandigarh Assembly stands out unique for Le Corusier’s architectural philosophies and style. It is said the building embodies the essential points of Le Corbusier’s architecture- a circular chamber , a forum for conversation and transactions, and stair free circulation. Maki seems to have borrowed the idea of circular chamber from Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh Assembly palace to rustle up his mixture. Borrowing ideas is not bad thing . But this could have been done by any Indian architect for cheaper rates.

This article first appeared 0n Telugu360.


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