Panama Papers leak: Australian security company Wilson linked to Hong Kong corruption scandal

Billionaire brothers Thomas and Raymond Kwok

Leaked documents have revealed that two brothers embroiled in a massive Hong Kong corruption scandal were ultimately in control of an Australian security company that earned roughly half a billion dollars in lucrative government contracts.

The two billionaire brothers, Thomas and Raymond Kwok, were charged with bribing a Hong Kong government official in July 2012 in a case that shook the Hong Kong establishment.

Soon after their arrest, the leaked documents, obtained by the ABC’s Four Corners, show the brothers covertly remained directors of the offshore company that ultimately controls Wilson’s operations in Australia — Wilson Offshore Group Holdings (BVI) Limited.

In a statement to the ABC, Wilson insisted the Kwok brothers were never directors of Wilson Security.

“Mr Thomas Kwok is not, nor at any stage has ever been, a director of, nor has he had any involvement in any Wilson company’s operations in Australia,” Wilson said.

In December 2014, Thomas Kwok was convicted of the bribery offences and sentenced to five years in prison.

His brother Raymond Kwok was acquitted of all charges.

A secretive move to stay in control

The Kwok brothers maintained effective control as directors via a covert manoeuvre facilitated by Mossack Fonseca.

Two weeks after the brothers were charged, both Thomas and Raymond Kwok removed themselves as directors from Wilson Offshore Group Holdings (BVI) Limited but replaced themselves with two mysterious new directors that were companies, Winsome Sky and Harmony Core.

The leaked files show the directors of those mystery companies were in fact the Kwok brothers themselves.

Thomas Kwok signed on as the director of Winsome Sky on July 30, 2012, and on the same day Raymond signed on as the director of Harmony Core.

-Read full story at ABC News

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