NASA’s Spacecraft Accidentally Goes Into Emergency Mode in Deep Space

Scientists are trying to repair it from far away

NASA scientists are racing to repair one of its spacecrafts after it went into emergency mode in deep space.

The space agency said its Kepler spacecraft last week kicked into emergency mode. Long-distance efforts on Earth to repair it from nearly 75 million miles away have been slow, mission manager Charlie Sobeck said in a statement. “Even at the speed of light, it takes 13 minutes for a signal to travel to the spacecraft and back,” Sobeck said.

The space telescope was launched in 2009 to survey a portion of the Milky Way galaxy in search planets outside Earth’s solar system. Since then, Kepler has detected nearly 5,000 exoplanets orbiting stars beyond the Sun, as well as two supernovae, NASA says.
The spacecraft was in “good health” and operating well during NASA’s last regular contact with it on April 4, Sobeck said.

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