Peru’s Fujimori heads to runoff with her party gaining majority in Congress

The Popular Force party of Keiko Fujimori gained a majority in Congress, as the presidential frontrunner is heading to a June runoff, though her rival remains unknown due to the neck-and-neck results between two contenders, exit polls showed Sunday.

The Popular Force party won around 60 seats, while the Peruvians for Change party took the second place with around 25 seats, followed by the Broad Front, with around 22 seats, according to polling company IPSOS.

If confirmed, these results would allow the three parties to dominate the 130-seat chamber.

According to Gilbert Vallejos, director of the National Organization for Electoral Processes (ONPE), the final results will be announced on Monday after all votes are counted.

Meanwhile, exit polls showed that the center-right Fujimori is ahead in the Peruvian general elections.

A poll by IPSOS-Peru found Fujimori with 37.8 percent of voting intentions in the election, which began at 8 a.m. local time (1500 GMT) and closed at 4 p.m. local time (2100 GMT) on Sunday.

Her two closest competitors, Pedro Kuczynski from the Peruvians for Change party and Veronika Mendoza from the Broad Front, are tied with 20.9 percent and 20.3 percent of the vote, respectively.

Two other polls by GFK and CPI confirmed Fujimori’s lead, putting her on 39.9 percent and 39.1 percent of voting intentions. The two polls also seemed to favor Kuczynski in second place, putting him ahead of Mendoza both times.

-More at Xinhua


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