The Forbes Global Game Changers List:Bezos, Zuckerberg And More Business Leaders Transforming The World

It’s said that the more things change, the more they stay the same, but there’s no standing still for the 30 innovators who make up Forbes’ first-ever list of Global Game Changers.

Despite the sluggish condition of the global economy and ongoing concerns about income inequality, privacy, security, central bank policies and energy prices, this group and the companies they run are enjoying major growth. In an era of relentless advancement in almost every field, these individuals are at the fore of changes being envied, adopted and copied by rivals the world over.

Across industries and geographies, the pace of innovation has only increased. From disrupting transportation in the world’s biggest cities (Uber’s Travis Kalanick) to cutting the cost of DNA sequencing so low that individualized medicine is fast-becoming a reality (Illumina ILMN +1.44%’s Jay Flatley), the Forbes Global Game Changers List capture a world where people and companies new and seasoned are able to have nearly limitless reach.

Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire before his 24th birthday thanks toFacebook FB +1.46%’s incredible growth, but hasn’t stopped adding to his stable of innovative businesses as the social network has surged beyond 1 billion daily active users. Photo-sharing service Instagram was only a start; In the past few years alone Facebook has made multi-billion dollar acquisitions to buff its credentials in messaging ($22 billion for WhatsApp) and virtual reality ($2 billion for Oculus).

-More at Forbes

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