Piers Morgan accuses Prince William and Kate Middleton of ‘stomach-churning’ hypocrisy over rhino photos


Piers Morgan has rebuked the Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cambridge for feeding a baby rhino at an Indian animal sanctuary, claiming the pair have stuffed rhinos in the Sandringham estate.

Writing in his Mail Online column on Wednesday, the Good Morning Britain presenter accused the royal pair of hypocrisy.

The 51-year-old, who currently works as the US editor-at-large for Mail Online, said the picturesque image, which is intended to “make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside”, made him “feel sick to the very pit” of his stomach.

“Perhaps it’s because Prince William likes rich people hunting down these same beautiful animals, killing them in often elongated torture sessions, posing for repulsively smug photos next to their rotting carcasses, and then severing their heads for their office walls back home,” Morgan wrote.

The British journalist also criticised Prince William, who is president of United for Wildlife and patron of the Tusk Trust, for the comments he made about trophy hunting being justifiable in certain circumstances.

In an interview with ITV News last month, the heir to the throne came under fire for saying commercial hunting could, in fact, help to save some endangered species.

A spokesperson for Lion Aid told The Independent the charity supported Morgan’s opposition to trophy hunting.

“LionAid were grateful last month for the opportunity on Good Morning Britain to talk with Piers Morgan about the myth that lion trophy hunting contributes in any way to the conservation of the species,” they said.

-More at Independent


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