No IPL in Vizag: EAS Sarma writes to CM Naidu


Shri Chandrababu Naidu
Chief Minister
Andhra Pradesh


Dear Shri Chandrababu Naidu garu,

Subject:- Shifting IPL Cricket matches from Maharashtra to Visakhapatnam highly imprudent, against the public interest

I understand that the organisers of IPL are considering Visakhapatnam as a possible alternate venue for its cricket match series, after the setback they have received in Maharashtra which is reeling under severe drought conditions. Hon’ble Bombay High Court has directed the State authorities not to permit IPL to go ahead with its itinerary beyond April 30, keeping in view the severe water scarcity that is being faced by Latur and other regions.

Visakhapatnam is already facing a severe water scaricity situation and the position will worsen as the summer temperatures climb up in the coming days. This is a man-made crisis caused by excessive and indiscriminate commitments made by the local authorities to industrial units, without considering the water availability scenario.

I have analysed the water balance for the VUDA area and I find that the total water commitments made to industry amount to 254 MGD (excluding PCPIR, ANRAK & Jindal Alumina Refineries and the commitments made recently in January, 2016 at the “Investor Summit”), whereas the net water availability, even after taking into account the incremental availability from Polavaram project (which is highly doubtful), may not be more than 60 MGD. In other words, the city is heading towards a more severe water crisis than now.

Already, as a result of diversion of water from Raiwada Reservoir to the city, there has been a shortfall in water availability there for agriculture and the State stands committed to make good that shortfall. Therefore, the first priority in supplying water should be for the Raiwada farmers.

The Hinduja Group is required to invest on a desalination plant for meeting its own water needs, as per the condition stipulated in the Environment Clearance letter issued by the Union Ministry of Environment but, as a result of connivance between the company and the State authorities, the company has been allowed to bypass this commitment and draw water from the city’s water supply system, depriving the people of Vizag of their legitimate need for water for drinking.

IPL will place considerable stress on the city’s water supply system. Apart from this, the luxury in which the IPL had conducted itself and the way liquor was sold at the IPL stalls last time when the matches were played here, has left an ugly imprint on the people’s minds.

I therefore feel that the State government should exercise utmost prudence and not accede to IPL conducting its matches at Vizag. What has happened in Maharashtra should serve as a wake up call to the State government here.

I hope you will think twice before rushing into welcoming IPL to AP.


Yours sincerely,

E A S Sarma




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