Heat Wave Situation in Andhra Pradesh as on 19.04.2016 at 6.00 P.M.


Heat Wave Conditions over Andhra Pradesh

  • Based on the AWS data received till evening and using IMD criteria, severe heat wave condition prevail in 14 mandals, heat wave condition in 80 mandals and rest are in normal conditions.
  • Prediction for next two days- Models simulations for next two days indicate, severe heat wave conditions in 05 mandals and moderate conditions prevail over remaining parts of Andhra Pradesh.


Measures taken by the Government

  1. The A.P. Cabinet has reviewed the situation in the meeting held on 18.04.2016 at Vijayawada. The  Chief Minister has appealed to the Public to avoid exposure to the Heat during heat hours i.e., from 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM, while giving details of the measures taken by the Government to mitigate the adverse affects of the Heat i.e., supply of drinking water through “Chalivendramulu”, rescheduling of working hours of MGNREGS works, distribution of butter milk & ORS packets, providing temporary shelters etc.
  2. The number of “Chalivendramulu” organized in the State increased to 7856, out of which 4550 were organized by the Local Bodies.
  3. 3461 Shelters were arranged at public places and work places by various Government Departments / organizations, Local bodies and voluntary organizations.
  4. Medical & Health personnel have conducted 14103 Medical camps so far.
  5. 724949 ORS packets were distributed by Health personnel till today.
  6. The awareness campaigning is going on. 657142 pamphlets listing do’s and don’t’s and symptoms of various heat illness were distributed,  in addition  to display of 1481 hoardings and banners at conspicuous places all over the State.



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