Mass demonic possession takes hold of school in Peru

Dozens of students in a school in Peru are suspected to be possessed by demons after widespread fainting and seizures were witnessed among the youngsters. The students claim that they had visions of a ‘man in black trying to kill them’, according to The Mirror. Local reports say that the students at the Elsa Perea Flores School in Tarapoto have been experiencing the ‘contagious condition’ last month.

It has also been said that the school was built on a Mafia graveyard years ago. In the video, concerned parents are seen rushing their kids to the hospital. Many students can be observed frothing at the mouth and screaming loudly.

The teachers say that several children in different classes had fainted at the same time while others felt sick and started throwing up. Reportedly, locals blame the children of invoking demons using a Ouija board that resulted in the ‘demonic interference’.



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